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Disabled Canadians still having trouble to find work...

Even though Canadian government is making great efforts to provide equal job opportunity to disabled people, Employers are still reluctant to hire a disabled person. Most of the companies are not flexible about the job requirements and dont consider disabled people for the position. Poverty rates among persons with disabilities are still high .Almost 54 working age of disabled individuals are currently unemployed. It is almost 3.8 million people. Approximetaly, one in seven Canadians are mentally or physically disabled. Most of their disabilities are mobility and pain related issues. Seems like the goverment should find a more efficient solution in order to increase the life quality of disabled persons.

Programs for disabled people do not meet the expectations

Canada has many programs based on training the individual to have more skills. However they dont do have much programs to encourage the employers to hire disabled individuals. Improving the well-being of persons with disabilities, increasing their opportunities to participate in economic and social life and fulfilling their potential requires an ongoing, multi-faceted and multi-partner approach. So therefore, every program is a step and they should all be linked to each other in order to achieve the end goal.

Every person should think twice...

Seeing all the difficulties that disabled people face in life should make every body think twice. Some people may have enough income to get a disability insurance .But what if you would not have enough funds to get a insurance package? you would face the same problems as they currently do...